Posted: 18. September 2014

“IFHP Presents…” is a series of speakers’ contributions to the Hague Housing Conference 2014 and it lays the ground for next year theme.

Posted: 15. September 2014

At the IFHP Conference Bridging Economies – Spanning Sectors: Financing Green Urban Development experts share what can and can't be done, and why. Check out the list of speakers and experts and join us!

Posted: 10. September 2014

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Posted: 09. September 2014

International conference turns the spotlight on the payoff from green urban development seen from a Nordic welfare states’ perspective, where there are good experiences, but also a need to ask: Is good good enough?

Posted: 08. September 2014
Credit: Kontraframe

Learn about obstacles and opportunities in urban development across municipal, regional and national borders, with the emerging Nordic Metropolis of Copenhagen-Malmö as a case in point in green growth.

Posted: 08. September 2014

Nordic countries and cities are fundamentally doing well, but is good good enough? In this article, Ole Stilling, CEO of IFHP, shares with us his views on key challenges facing Nordic Cities.

Posted: 29. August 2014

A quick post to say a huge ‘thank you’ to everyone who attended our 101st birthday party last friday.

Posted: 29. August 2014

It’s not a secret, we can let you know officially: we’ve fallen in love with Social Media Land!



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