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The Smart City concept proposes an urban environment tailor made for its citizens through the increasing integration of technologies. From city wide megaprojects to citizen led smart apps, the hyperconnected smart city is changing the way we imagine our urban future.

Members take on Making Cities Smarter

We asked our members about the agenda ‘Making Cities Smarter’. Check out their experiences below, explore best practice and join the dialogue.


Flemming Borreskov, IFHP President.

"The Smart City provides us with a fresh set of tools to better understand and address our urban challenges. More than that however, it provides us with a space to innovate. Integrated sensor technologies, personal smart phone services and citizen led data platforms are all contributing to an increasingly collective urban development process.”


Case examples

1. Helsinki Regional Info Share Project:

Giving citizens the opportunity to engage, hack and develop applications based on open source data is a growing trend within the smart city industry. New data platforms are sprouting up around the world, giving citizens the digital tools to innovate solutions to the diverse problems that face many urban communities. The Finnish capital Helsinki is a world leader in this regard, represented by the project; Helsinki Regional Infoshare Project.


Since its inception in 2011, citizens, businesses, academics and various institutions have had access to tangible and free data sets. In partnership with regional organisations the platform has inspired the creation of new web based services as well as mass knowledge sharing and a greater understanding of local spatial uses. Blindsquare, a mapping and journey application for the blind is just one example of a successful innovation that has sprouted from the open data platform.


Cities around the world are racing to join the ‘open data party’ in an effort to increase citizen participation and benefit from collective thinking and innovation.  Check out the Nordic case to learn more about the prospects of smart city data sharing platforms.


>> Visit HRI to explore more.

>> Download their guide book to get a good introduction to sharing data and smart city platforms.

>> Alternatively watch the video on Helsinki Region Infoshare service.


2. Singapore Smart Nation -  Pungol Northshore Project

The IFHP spoke with the Center for Liveable Cities to learn more about Singapore’s ambitious Smart Nation efforts.


Singapore is a city state that is faces many challenges including vast housing shortages and housing affordability issues. To address such problems a Smart Nation Plan has been initiated, rapidly deploying smart technologies in new public housing projects across 4 city districts. The Pungol Northshore project; a key element in the country’s Smart Nation Plan is one example of such actions. The district will include new public housing units with intelligent parking demand monitoring systems, smart public lighting systems and smart waste management, home energy monitoring technologies and smart alert systems for the elderly. Under the mantra “Connect, Collect, Comprehend, Create” the Singaporean Land Authority and Infocomm Development Authority will build upon successful technological integration to guide the next generation of housing projects.


>> Visit CLC Lecture Series to learn more about Singapore’s Smart Nation Plan.

>> Read more about the exciting work in Singapore, visit Future Homes, Better Lives.


More Smart City cases:


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>> Anthony M Townsend (2013) Smart Cities – Big Data, Civic Hackers and the Quest for a New Utopia 

>> Stephen Goldsmith & Susan Crawford (2014) The Responsive City - Engaging Communities Through Data Smart Governance 

>> Maarten Hajar & Ton Dassen (2014) Smart About Cities – Visualising the Challenge for 21st Century Urbanism



>> Drew Hemment & Anthony Townsend (2013) Smart Citizens - Future Everything Publications, a Selection of Articles Download