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Housing and

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IFHP offers three levels of membership:


Basic Member

The IFHP Basic membership level is reserved for students and young professionals up to 35 years of age. Annual fee, 60 euros.


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Premium Member

The IFHP Premium membership level is open to anyone. Annual fee, 120 euros.


If you are over 65 years of age, you are entitled to a discount of 50% on the Premium membership level.


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Corporate Member

The IFHP Corporate membership level is reserved for companies, organizations and local, regional and national authorities. Annual fee, 1200 euros.


If you represent an educational institution you are entitle to a discount of 50%.


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IFHP has adopted a graduated membership fee structure for 2016. Membership fee discounts are available in accordance with national income categories: 

High income countries                                                           0% discount
Upper Mid income countries                                               25% discount (use code 25)
Lower Mid income countries                                               50% discount (use code 50)
Low income countries                                                          75% discount (use code 75)
The categories stem from the UN Statistical Office. 
For more information, please contact the IFHP Team at