Federation for
Housing and


The creation of COFHUAT in 1947 connects to the post war challenges reconstructing houses and factories, bearing evident resemblance to the social motivation for establishing IFHP in 1913. New relations and the diversity of point of view was the key of a new deal in urban questions. COFHUAT gathered members, and has had to adapt its object to new urban problems and recruit new personalities and corporate members. COFHUAT is IFHP National Chapter in France.



COFHUAT is an Official Public Utility Association, created after WWII to bring together all public and private partners involved into the development of the Paris region, particularly on the building activity. It is a platform for exchange of knowledge, expertise and experience between practitioners, policy makers, and public and private experts in the field of spatial and urban planning, housing, transport and environment. Its main objective is to foster multidisciplinary networking between operators, to generate cross reflection confronting elected officials, researchers, field workers, managers from the private, public and para-public views. In all fields it tends to identify bottlenecks and map out the strategies to overcome them, making use of good practices. It has been involved in two editions of the International urban innovation award of Guangzhou gathering Metropolis, UCLG and the city of Guangzhou.


Working subjects

COFHUAT is currently involved in:


  • Simplification of urban planning and development measures;
  • Analysis of present planning practices versus past experiences and planning history;
  • Demographic transition and territorial impact. Innovative care practices, through new technologies, for older people. Effect on housing linked to inclusive concern


Focusing on sustainable development and public private partnership, COFHUAT is committed on topics such as:


  •  Energy: it means thinking about procedural changes to propose, in approaching the IGD in the housing sector in particular;
  • Mobility and city development: facing a lack of long-distance intercity buses, COFHUAT research on multi modal hubs for buses as a chance for city development (setting up of a working group with the main protagonists and the competent ministry in the field);
  • Telecentres: COFHUAT is now in touch with all those who depend on progress in CDC Prefecture Region Ile de France area. Its wish is to bring together a number of medium-sized cities in the region and neighboring regions and thus facilitate the work of those who are successful in the bidding;
  • National coverage with broadband: development of satellite usage for those who will probably never be connected by cable: combined action with organizations representing agriculture, crafts and industry;
  • Major infrastructure projects: e.g. the association TGV Provence Côte d'Azur.



  • The chapter is representing IFHP at UNESCO, in Paris, and at the Council of Europe in Strasbourg where it has been chairing for decades NGOs groupings and committees;
  • Anne Marie Chavanon is chairing the Committee on Democracy, Social Cohesion and Global Challenges since 2007. This committee brings together over 210 international NGOs. It acts mostly in the fields of participatory democracy, sustainable development, inclusion, territorial and social cohesion. The committee is currently working on migrants’ issues, climate change (COP21 and COP22), inclusion, and care of older people in Europe;
  • COFHUAT is committed on behalf of IFHP in CEMAT (Conference of European Ministers in charge or planning and development), the European Landscape Convention and the Steering Committee on good governance.

Methodology of work / Activities

  • Working groups, hearings, conferences and study visits. The level of its experts and its exclusively technical nature allow COFHUAT to intervene with parliamentarians and members of government at the French and European levels.
  • COFHUAT Club events and hearings. These events bring together personalities during exchanges of ideas that engage COFHUAT members, senior officials, business leaders and community groups, development local players. According to topics the audience raises from 30 to 200 people. Always dealing with topical issues geared at bringing to public authorities, useful information for decision making.
  • COFHUAT publishes “Le courrier de la COFHUAT” three times a year. The magazine is sent to more than 5000 municipalities


Membership and Community

The membership is made of top decision makers, architects, planners, engineers in various disciplines, cities and general counsel representatives, social landlords, corporate members such as the Caisse des Dépôts or Orange. COFHUAT is setting up a French speaking network in Europe and Africa.

Events for 2017


  • Debate on territorial democracy at the council of Europe, January 25.
  • “Courier de la Cofhuat” on the demographic transition (To be completed).