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“Inclusive and social housing: a component of the contemporary urban structure?”

Friday 18.12.2015 to Saturday 19.12.2015
Department of Architecture – University of Naples Federico II, Via Forno Vecchio 36 - Naples, Italy

IFHP has been invited to join and bring its perspective to the roundtable “Inclusive and social housing: a component of the contemporary urban structure?” to be held in Naples on 18th of December in the framework of the 9th INU Study Day.

IFHP at the 9th INU Study Day 

One day of plenary sessions, panel debates and roundtables under the comprehensive thematic frame "blue and green infrastructures, virtual cultural and social networks". The belief is that the discipline of urban and territorial governance should open up and adapt itself to new learnings and needs expressed by today’s urban territories and their citizenship: issues related to intangible networks, sustainable mobility, recycling system and reuse of resources, smart city, resilience and adaptation to climate change together with the need to create communities where social inclusion is a value and a goal. 
In this context, the debate about inclusive housing originates from one of INU’s flagships on housing rights, and intercepts a wider consideration on the role and effectiveness of the public urban policies in act today. To build a social policy for housing requires the activation of a diversified and multifaceted action with many degrees of uncertainty and an innovative attitude towards both processes and products.

The challenge for the coming years is not only in the ability to achieve a number of significant leased accommodation at affordable prices, and meet, at least partially, the social demand, but also to find a balance between solidarity, social inclusion, the right to housing and the real estate market, with the goal of creating integrated settlements intended to redevelop parts of the city. In the field of the housing policies, opportunities for physical and functional renewal of parts of the city can be combined, if properly promoted and supported, to inclusionary paths of social integration, which, in some cases, produce innovative ways of collective learning, participation and social responsibility.

The introduction of new approaches to housing issues and challenges and the emergence of new actors on the scene requires the investigation of the phenomena to further define expectations, projects and programs and understand the outcomes produced.


Current practices will be challenged and debated with the contribution of academics, housing professionals, public and private actors, social housing companies, representatives of the co-operative system and public institutions. 
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