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AESOP ´17 round table : The Impact of Airbnb in European Cities

Tuesday 11.07.2017 to Friday 14.07.2017
IST Alameda campus in the Civil Engineering Building, Lisbon (Portugal).

Building on our longstanding relationship with the ‘The Association of European Schools of Planning’ (AESOP) and following our previous labs and research on the effect of Airbnb on cities, IFHP will host a round-table at the AESOP conference in Lisbon.
Airbnb and similar sharing platforms have a huge impact on the way we live, travel and perceive our homes. As the popularity of home sharing platforms grows, their effects move well beyond the individual household, challenging city authorities, traditional housing policies, tourism boards, rental markets and wider housing perspectives. This is why IFHP has taken an interest in these effects and organised a series of events on the topic, kicking off with the 'Copenhagen Lab; The Airbnb Impact on Housing and Tourism' (find the research report here).
Now that new data is available, we are organising a follow-up roundtable at the AESOP annual congress 2017, focussing on the effects of Airbnb on European cities. Find out more about our event and learn how to join the AESOP Congress below. 


The Airbnb Roundtable 

The aim of this roundtable is to discuss the impacts that Airbnb has on housing and tourism in three different European cities – with representatives from Amsterdam, Copenhagen and Lisbon discussing and exchanging knowledge on the impacts of Airbnb, the general status quo, and what is being done in their cities. 
Airbnb has grown within a regulation void, leading to different issues that cities and other local governments are now seeking to address. In our roundtable we will look at issues relating mainly to: taxation of visitors and hosts, management of visitor streams to cities, the role of the service on fair competition in the hospitality industry, the effects of the commercial use of private properties on housing availability and pricing, the information ownership that Airbnb has and, finally, the (enforcement of) safety of the users of Airbnb.   
The roundtable will take place on Friday July 14, from 11:15 until 13:00 in room V1.26 (see program for venue maps). 


We are happy to announce that the following speakers will contribute to our roundtable and share their latest insights: 

AESOP Congress

With over 150 members, AESOP is the only representation of planning schools of Europe. Given this unique position, AESOP strengthens its profile as a professional body. During the 2017 congress attendees will be able to meet all the members and a wide range of organisations active in the field of urban planning. 
"In an uncertain world that is rapidly changing economically, socially and culturally, cities and territories have become the ground for resilient breakthroughs in the policies and practices of planning and design. These extreme times urge us to shift towards renewed actions in urban and less urbanised territories. Societal changes, disparities in population growth and incomes and consequential impacts on the sustainability of social services and labour markets, climate change and extreme natural events, complex social-economics trends, challenge us to debate and seek paths that lead to a progressive common future".
The planning and urban minded communities are invited to join efforts under the flag of the next congress topic – SPACES OF DIALOG FOR PLACES OF DIGNITY: Fostering the European Dimension of Planning.
You can find the program of the congress here
For more information about our roundtable at the AESOP congress, please contact program manager Andreia Fidalgo via a.fidalgo[@]