Federation for
Housing and

The Annual Academy of Urbanism Congress

Thursday 14.09.2017 to Sunday 17.09.2017
Aarhus, Denmark

The way we plan, design, animate and experience our towns and cities, their centres and neighbourhoods, is now rather different from those rational modernist approaches employed in the middle of the 20th century.
A new post-industrial culture of city placemaking is emerging globally in the 21st century, with diverse strategies and applications in technology and infrastructure, movement and health, creativity and engagement, leadership and trust – to say nothing of the recalibration of hardware and software components and who directs these.


The Congress - 'A New Culture of Urbanism' 

Some of the greatest shifts have been taking place in long-established cities undergoing a re-purposing of their contemporary role and future relevance. From Malmö to Manchester, Melbourne to Montpellier, the change has been markedly transformational over these last 20 years.
Where better to immerse oneself in this cultural shift towards progressive urbanism than in the exemplar Danish City of Aarhus, European Capital of Culture 2017?
We are holding the 12th Annual AoU Congress between 14-17 September, alongside the City Festival and major counterpart events run by the City and our colleagues at Nordic City Network. There will be Danish and international speakers, site visits, hands-on sessions, an urbanists dinner, and an audience with Jan Gehl.
This promises to be an engaging, inspiring, and hugely memorable Congress of international urbanists, drawn from many backgrounds, but with a contemporary, distinctively Nordic feel.
For more information about tickets, travel, accommodation, updates etc. we refer you to the Congress Website

IFHP Contribution 

IFHP's CEO Anette Galsjkøt will be one of the key-not speakers at the next annual Congress of the Academy of Urbanism. Her speech will discuss The New Urban Agenda, Post Habitat III. How do we implement the agreed plans and developments? Who is responsible? How do measure success?
Let us know if you will attend the AoU congress and we gladly meet up with you.

For more information on the Academy of Urbanism congress, please contact our CEO, Anette Galskjøt at