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BLOXHUB Mornings: Scalability - A challenge across sectors?

Thursday 22.09.2016
Fæstningens Materialgaard, Frederiksholms Kanal 30, 1220 Copenhagen K

September 22: BLOXHUB mornings is an inspiring series of morning events focusing on innovation and growth within the field of architecture, construction, urban development and design.

Sustainability is today established as top priority on the political agenda. The next challenge is scaling sustainability going from local to global production. Are there mutual encounters of challenges or potential business models across sectors in architecture, city planning and in the fashion industry?

Let’s share knowledge – not only along the value chain, but across multi-disciplinary sectors, and discover how sustainability works as driver for innovation.


8.00: Coffee and croissants
8.30: Welcome by BLOXHUB Director Torben Klitgaard
8.40: Keynote presentations
9:10: Discussion
9:30: Thanks for today – free networking (not facilitated)


Henrik Vejre
Henrik Vejre is Professor in Landscape Management at University of Copenhagen. He has been involved in research and education within landscape ecology, landscape and urban planning in the last two decades. A special focus has been the provision of green space to the larger cities, and a major part of this research has had greater Copenhagen as a prominent case. His research approach is truly interdisciplinary involving ecology, planning, socio-economy and history.
Jonas Eder-Hansen
Jonas Eder-Hansen has been Development Director at Danish Fashion Institute (DAFI) since 2011. DAFI is a network organisation established by the Danish fashion industry in 2005, with the purpose to develop, promote and push the Danish fashion industry forward. Jonas’ work evolve around sustainability in the fashion industry and with several years of experience in the field of sustainability, he has been one of the mainstays behind the successful Copenhagen Fashion Summit - the world’s largest event on sustainability in fashion. In the wake of the major success of the 2016 Copenhagen Fashion Summit, DAFI has engaged in new partnerships to take the event to the next level. Looking forward, Copenhagen Fashion Summit shall not remain an isolated event; instead the aim is for it to become the leading forum for sustainability in the global fashion industry and under the name Copenhagen Fashion Agenda, new initiatives take shape.
Regitze Marianne Hess
Regitze is educated as Architect MAA, Royal Danish Academy of Fine Arts, School of Architecture, Copenhagen (1993) and B.Eng. – Civil, McGill University, Montreal (1985). She has a long range of experience advocating for better cities and built environments through the world of philanthropy, non-profits, academia & private practice; as conference organizer; curator; publisher, editor and writer ; teacher and critic, and currently associate professor with DIS – Study Abroad in Scandinavia , lecturing on “Strategies for Urban Livability”. Positions of trust include Gehl Institute Board Member ; Sustainia 100 Advisory Board.
Mikkel Thomassen
Mikkel Thomassen is PhD and co-founding partner of Smith Innovation. With a theoretical background in economics and organization, the main interest of Mikkel Thomassen is to foster long-term innovation between firms and professions. The construction and utility industry has been in the core of his research and consultancy for the last 20 years. In particular, Mikkel’s focus has been on how to create “buttom-up” innovation and allow for new perspectives in highly institutionalized industries. He has an extensive overview of innovation agendas in the built environment seen from political as well as commercial point of view. He believes that a cross-disciplinary approach is the key to success whether enabling firms to develop new services or providing policy recommendations for governmental institutions.


BLOXHUB Mornings are free of charge, however to join the event, you need to register here.
BLOXHUB mornings are organized by Danish Architecture Centre, Copenhagen Solutions Lab, Danish Fashion Institute, Danish Design Centre, International Federation for Housing and Planning and Kraks Fond Byforskning.
Let’s connect, share and scale!


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