Federation for
Housing and

Conference on Urban Policy

Sunday 16.05.2010 to Tuesday 18.05.2010
Rabat, Morocco

The Conference on Urban Policy was a 2-day conference that explored the political and practical aspects of urban policy in Europe and North Africa. The aim of the conference was not only to encourage the exchange of experiences in finding effective and innovative solutions to common urban problems, but also to encourage the establishment and strengthening of bilateral relations between cities on both sides of the Mediterranean. The focus on urban policy was meant, broadly, to look at the improvement of the physical urban environment and the improvement of quality of life/reduction of urban inequality of the inclusive city, urban renewal and supportive social policy were addressed.


The Inclusive City
• Physical connections between disadvantaged neighbourhoods and the rest of the city.
• The opening up of disadvantaged neighbourhoods in a territorial and physical perspective, reducing their isolation from the rest of the urban fabric.
Urban Renewal
• The renovation and renewal of buildings to meet present-day standards in terms of aesthetics, energy, comfort, adaptation to family structures, etc.
Social Renewal
• The revaluation and end of stigmatisation of the inhabitants of disadvantaged neighbourhoods in order to increase their chance of participation fully in the labour market, for instance through educational or cultural policies.
Finally, the conference concluded with a technical visit to the Bouregreg Project in Rabat. Covering an area of some 6000 ha, it represents a US $15 billion investment, involving the creation of a leisure port, a technological centre, commercial and residential zones, an Art and Work city, hotels and international conference venues, an artificial island and modern transport. This project will have a massive socioeconomical impact on both Rabat and Sale and foresees around 10 million tourists and the creation of 111,000 jobs.