Federation for
Housing and

Housing Refugees - Afternoon Meeting in Danish

Thursday 28.01.2016
Fæstningens Materialgård, Frederiksholms Kanal 30, indgang B,

The meeting Fyraftensmøde: Boligplacering af flygtninge will take place in Copenhagen, in Danish.


The aim of the Fyraftensmøde (afternoon meeting) is to build a network of interested professionals working with housing refugees. We need to share knowledge, discuss challenges and co-create the process of becoming agile to match the current and comming situations. We need to challenge ourselves to provide more flexible housing.


Read the background, programme and download the invitation (in Danish).


Download the two presentations by Mayor by Ole Bondo Christensen Furesø Kommune is working with housing and integration of refugees  & IFHP's European project 2015 on Housing Refugees by senior project manager Christina Krog including contact details too. 


For further information: Christina Krog, tlf. +45 22909105