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IFHP Copenhagen Lab: The Airbnb impact on Housing and Tourism

Tuesday 27.09.2016
UNDERBROEN, Under Langebro, Christians Brygge 31, 1573 Copenhagen K. Denmark

The Lab will analyze the relationship between affordable housing and the Airbnb system, rental economy and sharing economy, tourism marketing strategy and housing policy.


Airbnb and similar sharing platforms have already had a huge impact on the way we live, travel and perceive our homes. Private spaces are now opened to the world, allowing citizens to host and share not only their living spaces but the experience of being a local. As the popularity of home sharing platforms grows, their effects move well beyond the individual household, challenging city authorities, traditional housing policies, tourism boards, rental markets and wider housing perspectives. A new reality now exists for many cities, as their understanding and management of novel home sharing ideas, technologies and platforms act to simultaneously inhibit and encourage their growth. 
For a city like Copenhagen, that was a pioneer in shared inhabitation models beginning with the introduction of co-housing communities in the 1970s, the promising “sharing city” concept, exemplified by the flourishing of home sharing companies such as Airbnb, could be seen as the market-oriented version of the Scandinavian culture of communal living. Because of this specific position as a frontrunner in housing policies and having an established sharing- culture, Copenhagen makes for an interesting case study. 
The Copenhagen Lab will be the first step in a series of Labs that explore and analyze the relationship between the Airbnb platform and Copenhagen’s housing market and tourism policies. Utilizing a wide range of perspectives and international case studies from urban planners, housing experts, public authorities, tourism representatives and sharing economy researchers the lab will aim to frame questions for further exploration in relation to how Copenhagen’s housing situation can progress in unity with sharing economy platforms. 
Ultimately a better understanding of contemporary dynamics within ‘sharing economy’-based housing policies and actions can lead to a more informed conversation on its broader effects for the future of cities, AirBnB and Copenhagen specifically.


13:00   Welcome
             by Anette Galskjøt, IFHP CEO

13:10   Setting the Scene - What is the Sharing Economy? 
             by Emmy Perez Fjalland, PhD at Danish Architecture Centre

13:25   The Copenhagen Context 
             by Ida Bigum, Senior Advisor, Municipality of Copenhagen 

13:40   Copenhagen & Airbnb - current situation and relevant policies
             by Lars Pico Geerdsen, Director of The Institute for Urban Economic Research 

13:55   Copenhagen - Airbnb & Tourism
             by Kirsten Munch Andersen, Director of Politics, HORESTA

14:10   Break

14:20   International Lessons 1: Amsterdam
             by Albert Eefting, Senior Policy Advisor, Housing Affairs, City of Amsterdam, NL

14:35   International Lessons 2: Berlin
             by Alsino Skowronnek, Founder, Karat Studio, Berlin, GE

14:50   Break

15:00   Workshops
             moderated by Anette Galskjøt, CEO IFHP 

16:00   Closing and drinks


For more information, please contact Chief Executive Officer Anette Galskjøt ( from the IFHP Team. 



UNDERBROEN, Under Langebro, Christians Brygge 31, 1573 Copenhagen K. 


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