Federation for
Housing and

IFHP Expert Roundtable on Water

Wednesday 15.10.2014
New Delhi, India

Enhancing Innovation for Better Water in Indian Cities: Identifying Strategic Public and Private Sector Opportunities. A meeting of invited Local, Regional and National experts in India.

Instigator: International Federation of Housing and Planning (IFHP), Copenhagen, Denmark

Partners: Development Alternatives (DA) and Centre for Policy Research (CPR)


The IFHP in partnership with Development Alternatives and the Centre for Policy Research has the honor of being an international platform for national, regional and local Indian experts, entrepreneurs and decision makers to collectively address innovations in provision of water in Indian cities.

Taking place October 2014, and if you are interested in the wrap-up, please check it out. 


About the intention and ambition with the workshop: 
The focus of this expert roundtable is to collectively understand, identify and elaborate how creative and innovative urban water related services (public and private, formal and informal) can be expanded and leveraged through modest and strategic changes in governance, regulation, education, enforcement, finance and management.


Those around the table are coming together to collectively identify the easier interventions (governance, regulation, finance or management) that would allow private partnerships and public private partnerships to provide better water delivery in urban settings of India.


The outcome of these roundtable discussions will be brought to you in the future via the IFHP website.


Registration: By invitation only


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This is IFHP’s second roundtable in India, which is part of a broader initiative seeking to engage with Indian cities, leaders and stakeholders on new and productive ways to improve urban conditions.

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