Federation for
Housing and

IFHP Gothenburg Lab

Thursday 09.06.2016 to Friday 10.06.2016
Gothenburg, date + location to be determined

Creating social mix and affordable housing in a new development area in Gothenburg.


The city developers in Gothenburg intend to hold an open and experimental process to find ways of creating a cohesive and including new urban district in Frihamnen. Housing, public space, service and transport are some of the cornerstones in making an open and accessible city area. Gothenburg faces a challenge in finding the best affordable and mixed housing solutions for Frihamnen. Since Sweden lacks experience with social housing and affordable housing provision the local partners are interested in new perspectives from abroad.
The IFHP Gothenburg Lab will test ideas with an international group of experts on aspects of a cohesive and livable city from the IFHP network. The expert group will assess the impact of different housing strategies and finance models, looking to both the individual and the collective scale. They will contribute with international examples and references regarding new urban development areas and discuss the importance of accessible housing, public space, service and transport.
The invited experts will learn of the Swedish context, share their knowledge and experience evaluating projects currently under development. The communication on the project progression will continue after the Lab, on a web shared forum. 



The local focus group with members from the Frihamnen consortium will lead the process and include the results in their work. The Lab objective is to produce a proposal that identifies an innovative, inclusive and socially responsive urban development process.
This event is by invitation only.
For any further enquiries about IFHP Gothenburg Lab, please contact Giulia Maci from the IFHP Team.

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