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IFHP London Housing Event

Wednesday 10.05.2017 to Friday 12.05.2017
City of Westminster College, London

The IFHP London Housing Event aims to explore the relationship between social and community regeneration, and physical improvements to the fabric of a geographical defined area in the City of Westminster, London, UK.
The London Housing Event will take place over 3 days in the City of Westminster, London, UK. The programme aims at explore the relationship between social and community regeneration, and physical improvements to the fabric of a defined area.  The boundaries are an administrative area within Westminster and do not necessarily form a single neighbourhood. The event will look at the regeneration programme of Church Street ward: the issues to be discussed include all forms of social deprivation, as well as the current conditions and the future of housing, schools, health delivery, infrastructure, environment, transport and leisure.

Why Westminster?

Westminster is hardly synonymous with worklessness and social exclusion, poor quality housing and even poorer health outcomes. Even in one of the most expensive places to live on the planet there are areas of poverty and deprivation, right next to areas of extreme affluence.
Westminster City Council has committed itself to ambitious programmes that seek to reduce worklessness and improve its homes. Church Street ward, within a kilometre of Marble Arch is an area where there is intense activity, seeking to create the most "liveable neighbourhood" in London. This means improving health outcomes as well as providing new homes, enhancing the green spaces and managing traffic. There is a thriving street market next to world class antique shops. Achieving these goals whilst protecting the interests of existing residents is the challenge accepted by the Council, which is working with its residents to develop and deliver an integrated, coherent approach to change. It is tempting to claim that this is a unique set of conditions and there is nowhere similar to it, however there is always the opportunity to share experiences and learn.


The Event 

The event will include looking at the neighbourhood and developing ideas to increase the impact of the investments being made, mitigate the consequences of change and learning through sharing experiences. This will be an invitation only event for around 20- 25 people from the UK and across Europe to learn about the neighbourhood and consider how their experiences relate to the challenges in Church Street, what can they contribute to the debate, and what can be applied to their own cities?
It will coincide with the conclusion of a master planning exercise carried out for Westminster City Council, and it is anticipated that one of the sessions will include a presentation by the master plan team.
The IFHP London Lab is an 'by invitation only' event, however, if you are interested in participating, please contact IFHP Project Manager Andreia Fidalgo (
For more information on the London Housing Event, please download the information booklet

Provisional programme

Day One – Wednesday 10 May 2017
On the first day of the programme, we offer an optional Study Tour (Guided Tour of the Houses of Parliament), followed by a buffet lunch and networking session including welcome remarks. In the afternoon different speakers will introduce you to the Church Street regeneration project, including a visit to the project site (including a visit to the Community Centre and meetings with local groups).  
The first day will be concluded with a social event at the Lords Cricket Ground (To include debate "Which comes first? Social or physical regeneration").
Day Two – Thursday 11 May 2017
On the second day, we will have specialist talking about other major regeneration projects, both inside and outside the UK. The attendees will then be divided into four working groups, which will explore the area and do on-site research. This research will inform the discussion. When we get back in the afternoon, we will be able to listen to a presentation of the Graham Trust on their role in managing urban assets. We close close the day by summarizing the groups' findings. In the evening there will be a social event.
Day Three – Friday 12 May 2017
On the last day we will start with a plenary session reflecting on our findings of day two, that will lead to the preparation of feedback to be included in the final report of the event. The day will end at 3 o´clock. 

Hosted by IFHP's HWG

The event is hosted by the IFHP Housing Working Group. 
The IFHP’s Housing Working Group wants to be a knowledge catalyst either working in or with special interests in housing issues. The main objectives are: to provide an opportunity for dialogue on emerging policies and developing practices in relation to housing; to develop knowledge about housing and consider the implication for practice; to create a space for sharing information and experiences among international housing professionals; to monitor pilot projects and practical experiences to become a bridge between different context and relevant examples worldwide in a process of mutual learning which is core business for IFHP.

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For more information, please contact IFHP Project Manager Andreia Fidalgo ( from the IFHP Team.