Federation for
Housing and

India Urban Lab in Bangalore

Monday 05.10.2015 to Friday 09.10.2015
Bangalore, India

First India Urban Lab seeks one of IFHP's core competencies: to bridge urban planning experiences around the world combining global and local know-how

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The India Urban LAB project sets out to shape new approaches for IFHP to engage globally. The project takes place within the framework of the IFHP 7 agendas “Making cities ….” which promote the continued need for action at the international and city level with the full participation of civil society in order to enable sustainable development.

The global housing challenge will be IFHP’s thematic focus for 2015. One of the most demanding of the development challenges facing India is channeling the urbanization process and managing growth of Indian cities in a manner that ensures equal opportunity for all citizens. In particular the housing stock deficit in India is huge and increases each year. It is estimated that between 30% to 45% of citizens reside in informal and illegal structures in urban areas. Standard approaches to affordable housing will lead only to standard—and inadequate—results.

Cities need to think more broadly and creatively about a housing ladder that includes affordable housing but accommodates citizens of all income groups and their changing needs.


The India Lab Bangalore is a pilot project for the IFHP for a new IFHP LAB format aiming in India to contribute to this search of addressing the affordable housing gap by focusing on learning from global and local experience. It will constitute a further step and establish a platform to investigate, understand and analyse specific urban challenges in the Indian context and to increase IFHP presence in this strategic area. In order to achieve this, the project will be developed and conduced in close cooperation with IFHP Indian Council members and in relation to a broad initiative called “10 cities project” lead by the India National Habitat Forum (INHAF) and various cities partner organizations (see separate project description)


Project purpose

The purpose of the project is to track ideas and innovations through city level dialogues in the form of practical laboratory. The core idea is to do it not only through the involvement of experts and professionals, but also investigating how responses are shaping in the streets of the cities and how people see and work on them. The City Lab will offer the city a combination of action research pinpointing priority areas and needs and case work exemplifying solutions.



The Lab is a format sharing and producing content (research, workshops, round tables and exhibitions) on very specific, local and practical issues related to selected main topics (e.g. Water or Affordable Housing). Using the knowledge of IFHP members and working groups, the lab applies a collaborative, interdisciplinary approach that involves all stakeholders in providing new planning perspectives and ideas to stimulate existing expertise, interests and creativity.


The Lab’s content is based on specific conditions and requests; The format follows a template to be developed during the Bangalore project.


Selected Participants

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