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Pre-workshop Oslo Lab: Ideas for an Integrated City

Tuesday 10.05.2016

A pre-workshop as preparation for the Oslo Lab, conceived as an occasion to explore the current pattern of residential segregation in Oslo.
Immigration and integration are increasingly hot topics in urban planning. In autumn 2015, some events have been organized in Oslo to discuss the demographic changes taking place in the region, focusing on housing accessibility and residential segregation. 
During the spring and winter of 2016, we want input from members and others with knowledge of what can contribute to the integration of the capital. What are the physical elements that have enhance residential segregation in the city? What are the barriers that impede refugees to settle and integrate? What forms and patterns of social exclusion can be recognized in Oslo’s public spaces? What could be the role of planners in this? What are other actors who should be involved and activate to respond to these issues? 
This pre-workshop is conceived as an occasion to explore the current pattern of residential segregation in Oslo, and to define specific research questions that will be explored in the course of the year and will constitute the basis of the Lab in September. 

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To learn more about the Oslo Lab, find the folder here

If you want to participate, or have questions, please contact IFHP Project Manager Gulia Maci:


Interactive Housing at IFHP

In 2016 the IFHP will conduct a programme of activities upon the topic of  ‘Interactive Housing’ aimed at identifying, researching and testing flexible housing solutions, occupation strategies, temporary use, and shared living space concepts.

This comes in response to the changing needs of contemporary societies and the increasing cross border movement of people, resources, knowledge and decision making influence. Interactive Housing will be conducted through a series of IFHP ‘Urban Labs’ in western European cities to include Oslo, Gothenburg, Copenhagen and Berlin. There, the IFHP, its partners, local stakeholders and international practitioners will use an active urban development site as a case study with which to base its investigation; challenging traditional housing perspectives and models of operation, and formulating novel approaches and solutions.


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