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Side Event at C40 Mayors Summit: The Climate Action and Quality of Life Nexus

Thursday 01.12.2016
Networking Lounge, 2nd Floor, Hilton Reforma Hotel. 13:00-13:45

The Climate Action and Quality of Life Nexus
Cities around the world are increasingly using climate action as an opportunity to simultaneously address systemic social challenges and boosting quality of life for citizens. This can be labeled the climate change and quality of life nexus. For years, Copenhagen has spearheaded an approach to addressing climate change that is holistic in its objectives, resulting in the development of globally recognized low-carbon city solutions that also benefit social aspects of Copenhagener’s everyday life.
In this event, partners to Realdania use the occasion of C40’s Mayors Summit to discuss the opportunities, solutions and benefits to citizens in relation to integrating social aspects in city climate action. The focus will be on how Copenhagen has successfully applied a holistic approach to planning for climate change. 


  • Explore the climate action and quality of life nexus for cities
  • Discuss Copenhagen’s approach to holistic city planning for climate action
  • Position Realdania and key partners, Sustainia, IFHP, and CLEAN, at C40’s Mayors Summit. 


Format: Panel debate organized in sessions with different speakers for each session. Esben Alslund-Lanthén from Sustainia will moderate the debate. 
Sessions: The debate will be organized around three sessions:
  • Introduction - the Copenhagen way (Jesper Nygård, CEO, Realdania): Copenhagen is well recognized as a global leader on integrated planning for climate change. What factors enabled Copenhagen to take lead and how did Realdania contribute?
  • Session 1 – the Copenhagen solutions (Panel: Anette Galskjøt, CEO IFHP; Peter Bjørn Larsen, Director of City Data Exchange, Hitachi Insight Group; Mette Skjold, CEO, SLA): Solutions are key to developing low-carbon cities. How is Copenhagen tackling climate change while making the city more equal and livable? And what are the best examples of innovative Copenhagen climate solutions that have co-benefits for Copenhageners?
  • Session 2 – Bringing the solutions to scale (Panel: Morten Nielsen, Director, Sustainia & Carsten Gaarn-Larsen, CEO, CLEAN): In order to address climate change in an age of urbanism, cities need to learn from each other and bring their solutions to scale elsewhere. How can the Copenhagen approached be replicated in other cities?



The event is hosted by IFHP together with: 
For more information about the Summit, please contact CEO Anette Galskjøt ( from the IFHP team.