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Urbego Workshop: Discovering a cohesive urban identity

Friday 14.09.2012 to Tuesday 18.09.2012

Within the framework of the IFHP World Congress 2012, Urbego and the planning department of Gothenburg Municipality organize a five days’ workshop in Gothenburg

UPDATE 3 December 2012

The participants' vision has been documented in this file: URBEGO planning workshop Gothenburg, September 2012



Workshop Programme

Within the framework of the IFHP World Congress 2012, Urbego and the planning department of Gothenburg Municipality organize  a five days’ workshop in Gothenburg. The idea is to gather twenty young urban professionals of different nationalities and fields (engineers, artists, urban planners, geographers, landscape architects, urban designer, architects and urban economists), and having them working on an urban planning and development theme, on which  Gothenburg Municipality is working at the moment.

 In this way the participants can work on a concrete and topical case study and Local Government can be inspired by new ideas for the city development. Then, the workshop proposals are presented to representatives of the local authority and during the IFHP Congress.  In exchange for proposals or recommendations for the development of a specific area of the city, the Municipality provides for a work space and offers reductions of Congress fees for the workshop participants. The young planners’ professionals join the Congress for one day. The essential characteristics of the workshop are:

  • diversity of participants’ profiles: professional/study fields, nationality; the participants are selected based on their CV
  • young age of participants (<35)
  • a degree of independency from the Congress and at the same time a common space to develop a young planner platform within the IFHP
  • a junior consultants (participants) - clients(local authorities) relation in line with one of the objectives of the creation of a YUPS platform
  • liberty of proposals, linked to a total liberty of acceptation from the Municipality
  • an opportunity to contribute to a local decision making process and at the same time to take part to an international debate

Gothenburg: city view

Theme-Discovering a cohesive urban identity

The theme of the redevelopment of the former industrial areas has a great relevance since the early 90es and it is linked to the wider issue of economic and environmental regeneration of the city. The former industrial  areas are kind of containers that are no longer used for the purposes for which they were designed and implemented, and are waiting for new uses and functions. The phenomenon of the abandonment and the continuous adaptation and transformation of urban space is part of the physiological process that is inherent in the evolution of uses and shape of the city itself. These areas have a strategic role in the process of  reorganization of contemporary cities.

Brownfield sites become historic opportunities for concrete urban transformation in terms of city planning (for the opportunity to establish new businesses and to balance the urban system), improving urban quality and creating economic opportunities for public and private actors. Today, the former industrial areas assume a strategic role in European cities.

The case study for the proposed workshop in Gothenburg is emblematic of these issues: Vågmästarplatsen is an asphalted square and bus terminal, located in the intersection of an industrial area and a older existing residential area with local character, along the river and with a huge potential of being an important part of the heart of the city. There are lots of projects going on in the area:  new houses, new offices, marketplace and parks etc. The workshop aims to provide ideas or suggestions on how link this area with the existing city, how develop a new urban identity and define a coherent strategy for the area that  connects the different separate on-going projects.  The objective is to transform this space into n area that connects the surrounding spaces and ongoing projects, where locals can meet and perform and the symbolic space of representation of the local community. Through this project the square  communicates a new image of the neighbourhood in motion, active and innovative, and integrates public transportation, open spaces, existing and new urban functions.  It is important to reflect on what values already exist and which could be the others dimensions and meanings that the all the new projects will bring in the area and to suggests how managing this process of transformation and stratification.


Why participate

The workshop provides a unique opportunity for young professionals to improve knowledge, skills and attitudes for understanding and planning  the urban processes  of today.

It represents an occasion to take part in a renowned congress free of charge, to  widen the professional network and meet international experts.

It is also an opportunity to develop projects and ideas  on a concrete planning case and to work closely with the Gothenburg Municipality .

The workshop will acquaint the young professionals with Swedish and international experience in planning through excursions sessions and debates which gives the participants additional energy and motivation.

This event  is an opportunity to be involved in a new international young  platform, to gain space in the planning debate and to enjoy the city via different and entertaining social events.


Participation fee for the Workshop and IFHP Congress is partially covered by Gothenburg Municipality and are reduced to the symbolic figure of 50 euros. The participants are expected to cover their travel cost to and from Gothenburg as well as any other expenses during their stay.


Applications should contain a short CV. The application should be sent to:  or

Deadline for applications is 30 July 2012

Successful applicants will be informed by 5 August 2012

Further Information

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