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Vester Voldgade Digital Interaction Pilot Project

Thursday 09.06.2016
Frederiksholms Kanal 30, DK-1220 Copenhagen, Denmark


Led by the Alexandra Institute, this pilot project will explore how data can become an interactive element within the streetscape of Vester Voldgade in Copenhagen. With the aim of informing the streets future design and occupation to become more vibrant and relevant to local citizens and tourists, this project will implement data collection installations in the form of digital trees.

The trees will collect data from citizen’s mobile devices as well as atmospheric readings from sensors. The data will be collected and simultaneously communicated back to the citizens through light and sound features, allowing for interaction with and between each individual tree.

The IFHP will lead a Lab at the end of phase 1 (the first test period of three months) to analyse the data gathered, combining local and international expertise to qualify and suggest improvements to be implemented in phase 2.
The IFHP has the aim to understand how such technologies can be replicated in varying international context, questioning why and how such technological interventions are appropriate to citizens whilst also informing urban planning and design.
Any enquiries, please contact Chris Reeves from the IFHP Team.
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