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Friday 28.02.2014
The Hague Housing Conference, North Europe focus group

Kick Off Meeting.

>> 28th of February, 14.00-16.00
In occasion of The second annual Hague Housing conference the Working Party on Urban Land Policy of IFHP will gather together to present and discussed latest developments in urban land policy. In particular  the discussion will focus  on the history of Almere (NL) and its policy of affordable housing. The meeting is open to all those who are active in the field of urban land policy. It is especially recommended to those who influence - each in their own professional capacity - the decision-making process on the use of urban land. The Working Party invites anyone who has encountered new options, new solutions, new constructions or new unsolved problems in urban land policy to bring this to the attention of the Land Policy Working Party. With that input, it can continue working toward its main target: the systematic exchange of information on urban land policy in different countries. Communication allows the members to learn from each other. By doing so, it will improve this most important carrier of urban development: a sustainable and strategic urban land use.


About Almere

Almere is a typical Garden city; a new town which merely exist 30 years.  Almere is transforming from a garden city to a town with a high ambition on sustainability and development in a way of organic grow and growing green. The current strategy of the municipality is set on self-development by its own citizens. This strategy  also exist for affordable housing. The ambition is high end quality for an affordable price.  The land policy Almere  plays an important role in the strategy of grow and transformation of the city. The Land policy has created a variety of tools which makes it possible that people with lower incomes also can build their own house. One the tools is the program IBBA (I Build Affordable in Almere).  Besides IBBA, Almere use incentives and land lease to persuade and challenge parties to participate and invest sustainable in Almere. The presentation shows a picture of Almere, its grow and it’s (land) policy regarding affordable housing.


About Working Party on Urban Land Policy

Since the Liege IFHP Congress on land policy the working party has done 3 things:

  1. Publish more reports in depth on some land policy instruments and revise the Liege report (goals and instruments)
  2. Participate in small seminars on urban land policy to support developping cities and
  3. Meet at IFHp congress to discuss the land policy issues of the concurrent city.


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