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World Town Planning Day Online Conference 2016

Tuesday 08.11.2016

This November 8, 2016 we are connecting planning professionals and engaged citizens to discuss issues that affect communities around the world. Join us for a live 24-hour video broadcast filled with panel discussions and incredible keynote speakers.
World Town Planning Day is celebrated in 30 countries on four continents each November. It is a special day to recognize and promote the role of planning in creating livable communities.
Each year planners around the world engage in activities on World Town Planning Day in an effort to raise awareness of the importance of planning in their communities. 
Join us on November 8 for a 24-hour online conference that will include a series of seminar sessions hosted by the planning institutes and associations. This year’s conference will consist of a series of seminar sessions hosted by the planning institutes and associations.  There is no theme, as each participating country is asked to speak to the issues that are relevant in their communities. Each session will be seamlessly streamed from all around the world in English through an application called Periscope. 
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IFHP’s WTPD Contribution on Reimagining Housing Strategies 

IFHP will host one of the WTPD sessions (find the time-schedule here). We will be streaming a discussion about Reimagining housing strategies. The session is part of a series of morning-inspiration sessions that IFHP organizes in collaboration with Copenhagen-based design-and-urbanism companies; a collective called BLOXHUB
Denmark is recognized as one of the happiest countries in the world and Copenhagen one of the most livable cities. Nevertheless, throughout the last decades politicians have become increasingly concerned about urban segregation and the division of households according to various characteristics and neighborhoods. What then is the situation in Copenhagen now?
Is the city alleviating or repressing segregation in comparison to the past? And what does it take to counteract segregating factors? “Beyond Segregation – Reimagining Housing Strategies” explores these questions by presenting facts and the opportunities to rethink residential development approaches and strategies, so tune in to the IFHP contribution to the World Town Planning Day

Online Conference

Established in 2009, the online conference was started by a group of planning professionals from around the world that wanted to create an international celebration of World Town Planning Day.  Over the years it has grown to be an annual event, and every year our audience grows, and it has built to be a key event for planners around the world to attend. 
Engaging, Collaborative, Innovative, Creative, Thought-Provoking
These are just a few words that are guiding the organizing committee in reshaping the platform and format of the 2016 conference.
This year’s conference will consist of a series of seminar sessions hosted by various reputable planning institutes and associations. Each session will be seamlessly streamed from all around the world through an application called Periscope. The World Town Planning Day Conference Organizing Committee is:
Canadian Institute of Planners (CIP)
International Federation for Housing and Planning (IFHP) 
Royal Town Planning Institute (RTPI) 
South African Council for Planners (SACPLAN) 
Asociación Española de Técnicos Urbanistas (AETU)
Federación Iberoamericana de Urbanistas (FIU)
America Planning Association (APA) 
European Council of Spatial Planners - Conseil européen des urbanistes (ECTP-CEU)

Participate in the Online Conference

Be a part of the World Town Planning Day conference through WebEX and Periscope. This year, conference sessions will either be streamed through WebEX or Periscope, depending on the preference of the presenters. The conference program will be updated to provide a link to where you can register on WebEX or the website where you can watch the live stream via Periscope. 
You are also invited to share on social media by tweeting with us. Our handle is @wtpdonlineconf and we will be following along with the hashtag #WTPD2016 all day long. 
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Please note: This program uses Coordinated Universal Time (UTC), which does not change with daylight saving time. Click here to easily convert to your local time. 
For more information, please contact Special Advisor Regitze Hess ( from the IFHP Team.