Federation for
Housing and

YEI in Porto Alegre

Thursday 15.10.2015 to Saturday 17.10.2015
Porto Alegre, Brazil

URBEGO "Public Space & Youth Engagement Index [YEI]" at PURCS Public Spaces Conference

The Youth Engagement Index (YEI) is a collaborative method, developed by Urbego to analyse in a consensual manner the participation of young people (18-34 years of age) in city affairs where they live. The method combines a series of quantitative and qualitative elements in collaboration with local actors. The three spheres analysed look at the economic, politic-institutional and civic-cultural aspects.

The research takes place in three phases: evaluation (workshop), validation (through case studies and questionnaires) and knowledge exchange in terms of policy formulation and practice.

The method has been launched at the World Urban Forum 7 this April and workshops have been organized so far in Valencia (Spain), Medellin (Colombia), Bucharest (Romania), London. Urbego, in collaboration with PUCRS will organize a collaborative workshop in porto Alegre on the 15th -16th - 17th of October to investigate the economic, politic-institutional and civic-cultural aspects of the participation in Porto Alegre. 

Participants from relevant local institutions and organizations, will be asked what makes young people feel part of/ disconnected from their urban communities, what is the added value of young people’s involvement and how can urban leaders encourage the young to invest hope and energy in their urban future.

The results will be presented and discussed at the 1st Congress of Public Spaces in Porto Alegre and they will be compared with YEI profiles of the cities already investigated.