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Check out our previous activities and gatherings at IFHP and Partner activities.

23. November 2017

Join our English National Chapter TCPA in their Annual Conference to discuss and learn how to create the safe, comfortable, sociable and thriving places that we all need in order to live decent lives.

30. November 2017

At this BLOXHUB Morning we ask if Impact Investment is yet another buzz word, or is whether it set to revolutionize the relationship and outcomes of public/private collaboration? And, how does impact investment fit into a Danish urban development context?  

7. December 2017

Kraks Fond (Institute for Urban Economic Research) and IFHP will discuss the latest research on Airbnb and its influence on welfare and housing prices, giving examples on the experiences from Copenhagen, Barcelona, Berlin and Amsterdam.

8.-12. July 2018
Join us as global leaders and experts converge in Singapore from 8 – 12 July 2018 to address liveable and sustainable city challenges, share integrated urban solutions and forge new partnerships during the 2018 edition of the WCS.