Federation for
Housing and

Housing Refugees Report

Download  the IFHP Housing Refugees Report no. 1, part of the IFHP Housing Refugee Programme (pdf). 
In light of the developing migration situation in Europe in 2015, the IFHP has brought the urgent topic of refugee housing to the forefront of its operational activities. Several of our European members have also pointed out that we need to cooperate and talk about this issue. This has led to the IFHP Housing Refugee Programme
First step of this was to send out a qustionnaire aiming at gathering an overview of the national policies and local governmental actions. Thanks to the European IFHP Council members and IFHP Community who with short deadlines responded to the questionnaire, we can now present the report covering 10 European countries. We therefore proudly present the report. 
Of the many challenges to be dealt with, three are prominent across Europe in connection with the present flows of migrants: 
  • Housing Policy & Affordable Housing Allocation; Concentration or diffusion?
  • Zoning & Planning Regulation
  • Housing & Integration
In short, the challenges of providing permanent housing for refugee populations go beyond issues of infrastructure towards a multifaceted task that requires socially conscious, economically viable and out of the box thinking. Increasingly flexible zoning and planning regulations and housing authorities engaging in interdisciplinary process could be steps towards improved refugee housing provision.
Our aim is to assess the current refugees housing situation and to identify the challenges and solutions for the permanent and adequate housing of refugees in the EU. As an international professional community within housing and planning we believe that unbiased and politically detached perspectives are needed to render recommendations that better match the realities of the current situation.  
At IFHP we hope to keep this conversation going, not only in Europe, but across the world where refugees and migrants seek housing only to make the hope for a better and more safe life come true. Let us know how and what you think we should do. Contact Christina Krog from the IFHP team anytime.