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It began in May 2015 where members pointed out that housing of refugees was a relevant topic for IFHP. Since then we have investigate this with our community in various ways. 

First moves were to focus on housing of refugee & migrants and as we have worked to keep the conversation going about how to accommodate the influx and newcomers to cities among and along with the existing population we realise there are many parallels to housing issues for other vulnerable groups. We believe we can and need to learn cross sectorial, and have now adapted our activities to a broader focus: 

Housing of vulnerable groups of citizens who for various reasons find it challenging to get a foothold in the housing market. 

Cities' housing market is under pressure and the less resilient citizens struggle. At IFHP we believe a city must be for all and have yet to see the well-functioning city for the marginalised, the elite, the bakers or ... A city which includes all is a thriving city with the muscles and nerves to contribute and find appropriate solutions to the challenges. That is why we advocate for people and social cohesiveness.
We do so with a focus on housing for all in the city. It has always been our DNA to do so and it will continue to be so. 
Our initial investigation has led us to acknowledge that it is a complex challenge to house all. It involves integration, interdisciplinary approaches and solutions, unintentionally challenging rules and regulations. It also consists of great potential to innovate, develop and change due to the burning hot platform. 

Below you can access the learnings cronologically from the beginning with the focus on housing refugees to the latest call for participants to our Housing Academy. 
In the second half of 2015 we started the conversation with a focus on Housing Refugees. We published two reports, identified three major obstacles and developed 7 considerations. We launched a blog, facilitated a lab and built a network of interested willing to participate. Lastly we have published an IFHP One (report) which wraps up the work in 2015. Download for free, if you wish.
Interested in more details: Access 2015 activities
We must collectively move out of our European comfort zone. 
We pursue relevant partnerships, we advokate on-stage, we have developed The IFHP Housing Academy. The call for participants for the IFHP Housing Academy is up, and please contact us if this has your interest. The essential elements are hosting a 2-3 day lab in our city where local and international professionals work on a concrete case defined by you and leave you with a concrete proposal to a solution. You gain and contribute by participating in the other cities' labs. 
The activities are designed to match the different needs for sharing knowledge and more important, know how. It aims at creating an impact in two ways: 
  • Labs &  network: Practical and concrete targeted a selected audience.
  • Conference & on-stage appearance: Promoting and sharing knowledge, know-how and learnings, open to all
Both aim at keeping the conversation on this urgent and relevant topic alive, also supported by the blog, website (here) and community building.  
Join the community 
Please join us. 
We need funders, contributors, professionals, experts, practitioners. We focus on people granted asylum, on housing and integration as a unanimous process. Furthermore, we aim for this investigation to include the broader perspective of global migration. 
As an international professional community within housing and planning we believe that unbiased and politically detached perspectives are needed to render recommendations that better match the realities of the current situation. We are exactly this.   
Contribute and comment on the blog
Together we will meet this challenge, and the ones to follow. 


Christina Krog
IFHP Senior Project Manager  
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Huibert A Haccoû
IFHP Council Member 
Chair Working Group on Housing of Refugees
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