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The IFHP Travel Squad reports from Bogotá: How do you make people care about Bogotá?

As most megacities, Bogotá’s population primarily consists of people who originates from other cities. According to the citizen movement 100en1dia (100in1day), this means that people do not care enough about Bogotá and therefore mistreats it. How do you make people care?

Change yourself and Bogotá will change. These are the words on the sticker; ironically enough it is on a car, which might confuse the message as it represents one of the greatest challenges in Bogotá. The message is clear from 100en1día; they believe in the collective’s ability and actions to trick a mental and cultural change.

Simple solutions and positive communication
Last year a group of industrial designers from Tadeo Lozano University in Bogotá wanted to use their skills to create a better city, unfold the potential of the city and make people care more about Bogotá. Not by protesting but through positive communication, humour, design and art.

Together with students from the Danish entrepreneurial education ‘KaosPilots’ the group planned 100en1día: 100 symbolic and physical interventions in the public domain on 1 day. But when the day culminated in May 2012, 250 interventions took place. Some showed simple solutions to challenging physical issues, others articulated human interactions.  

Imagine the impossible
The interventions help people imagine the impossible. They want to give people the tools and methods to outlive their citizenship and democratic being. 100en1día Bogotá has inspired people across Colombia and has since taken place in cities such as Pasto, Pamplona and Cordoba. In 2013, even more interventions will take place and cross the Atlantic to Cape Town, Copenhagen and hopefully other cities.   

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