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Bogotá – city of change

The IFHP Travel Squad reports from Bogotá: Bogotá today is far from the picture of a corrupt, crime-ridden city that we were warned about.

Arriving in the new and well-functioning international airport El Dorado that opened in October 2012; moving towards the city center passing numerous stations of the bus rapid transit system TransMilenio; watching broad bike lanes stretching for kilometers and public spaces and parks full of Bogotanos. Our first impressions of Bogotá are of a city that for the past 15 years has implemented very visible urban development projects to the benefit of its citizens.

Touring the city with the former mayor
What better way to learn about Bogotá than to tour the city for two days with Enrique Peñalosa, former mayor of Bogotá (1998-2001) and the person credited for many of the large-scale changes. Enjoy the pictures below and be assured that Bogotá is a city with warm and welcoming people managing to plant seeds of hope even in its low-income neighborhoods.

The IFHP Travel Squad will be in Bogotá 16-22 November 2012.

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