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Doism in Bogotá: Río de colores

The IFHP Travel Squad reports from Bogotá: In Bogotá, young people gather in ‘colectivos’ to create a better city. We went to an urban intervention called Río de Colores (River of Colours) with the purpose of regenerating a forgotten space around a river.

The two colectivos Sociedad Invesible (The invisible group) and La Agencia (the Agency) wanted to create attention to the area around the river close to their office. After three weeks of cleaning up the area, the intervention culminated with a Sunday festival.

The intervention involved people living around the area and on the festival day around 200 people participated. The area was decorated in beautiful colours and people celebrated with music, food, dance and art. The intervention transformed the former forgotten area into a livable space.

The colectivos believe that symbolic and artistic actions can create attention, respect and solicitude for the city and its inhabitants. “This place has become so lovely that we want to stay, but we also need to go to other places and make them vivid,” say Alejandra Robledo from Sociedad Invesible and Santiago Pinyol from the La Agencia.

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