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REAL CORP 2012 - linking urban development professionals with industry and private enterprise. Derek Martin reports from Vienna

Derek Martin - This year was the 17th REAL CORP. In terms of global participation, number of papers and registrations it was a success, with some 500 participants from all over the world and a large number of speakers in many sessions. Can you guarantee the quality of so many? I fear not. But REAL CORP does have something. The people from CEIT organise a professionally run event that generates a lot of good knowledge.

The good thing about REAL is that its origins lie in linking urban development professionals with industry and private enterprise, especially in the field of (planning relevant) new technologies. This element has always been present, and this is REAL’s added value. But this important origin had been pushed back this year a little by the number of papers and the (laudable) attempt to provide a platform for different international organisations in the field of urban development. Of course, ISOCARP were prominent (REAL’s organiser is ISOCARP Treasurer), as were to a lesser extent INTA and to an even lesser extent IFHP and AESOP. However, despite the presence of these different international organisations all dealing with urban development in one way or other, there was very little actual collaboration, except maybe with one exception…..

AESOP and IFHP had a late evening session together, more than ably chaired by Isocarpian Piotr Lorens, to present a framework for collecting new ideas on how planning needs to adapt to the demands of modern society. It was a complex paper, born from the think tank that IFHP organised last summer to try and identify the main topics for its content agenda for its centenary and beyond. There were so many good and sometimes unique ideas generated at that think tank meeting, that one of its members, Izabela Mironowicz, spontaneously thought up a framework within which those and future ideas could be collected and ordered. As there had been time to refine that framework since the think tank, we decided to present it at REAL CORP. It was complex, it was late and the two seemingly did not combine all that well. But the framework is there to be used……downloadable from the IFHP website.

Image courtesy of Crash Candy