Federation for
Housing and

International Town Planning Conference, New York 1925

First IFHP Congress outside Europe

Even the important intellectual and planning theorist Lewis Mumford attended the 1925 conference.

To him, the meeting testified that „(...) a new administrative unit, the region, is coming into existence to perform functions  which cannot be taken care of either by the state or by the seperate city.“ (Journal of the American Institute of Architects 6/1925, p. 199). Thus, the NY meeting was instrumental in transferring the notion of regional planning from Europe (where it was particularly strong in UK and Germany) to the US.


George Ford, an American planner said about the conference:

„Better still, there was a lot of new blood at the conference. People who had never attended a planning conference before. Leading architects, realtors and lawyers took a much more active part in the Convention than they have previously. The discussion, too, was more varied than it has been before, and in addition it had the advantage of the quite new points of view brught by the many foreigners.“(City Planning 1/1925, p. 124)


Main Contents of the Conference

1 The traffic problem

2 Decentralization within Regions

3 The New York Regional Plan 


President and Vice-presidents:

Mr. Ebenezer Howard, president of the International Federation for town and country planning and country planning and garden cities; Sir Jhon Sulman, Australia; Stadtrat Anton Weber, Austria; E. Vinck, Belgium; Dr. F. L. Prochazka, Czecho-Slovakia; J.C. Jensen, Denmark; Saleh Enan Pasha, Egypt; Eliel Saarinen, Finland; Lous Bonnier, France; Dr. R. Schnidt, Germany; Viscount Astor, Great Britain; Dr. H. Berlage, Holland; Ch. Gierloff, Norway; Salvador Crespo, Spain; Baron Palmstierna, Sweden; F.A. Delano, United States.