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San Francisco at a glance with IFHP

The IFHP Travel Squad reports from San Francisco: After three days in the US innovation capital, a picture of a diversified, creative city with a strong community feeling is forming.

At first glance, San Francisco strikes you as a green, livable and inclusive city ahead of the tech-curve. But digging deeper, the city reveals a complex patchwork of environmental and social challenges and solutions.

San Franciscans care
One thing is for sure; San Francisco is all about people. Makers, workers, homeless, innovators, ethnic groups and business owners all feel strongly about their city and its history, for better or for worse defining the future of the city.

Strong on partnerships
San Francisco relies strongly on public-private partnerships and civic innovation when improving the city. Whether it is new Eco Districts, housing solutions, green space or training of the workforce, local businesses take on a responsibility often handled by local governments.

A canvas of opposites
What remains is a complex picture of a city that seems both diverse and gentrified, inclusive and exclusive, open and responsive, lean and bureaucratic. Enjoy the photos below from the first days in the hilly metropolis – telling a story of a city where opposites attract.

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