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Singapore: City in a Garden

Through decades of planning and cultivation, Singapore has earned the name of “Garden City”. As the city becomes more built-up, the continued planning for the natural heritage and green spaces becomes just as important as high-density, urban living.

Connecting People and Nature
In Singapore, the aim is to develop and enhance greenery and create a city that is nestled in an environment of trees, flowers, parks, and rich bio-diversity. Besides creating green spaces and making existing natural heritage accessible to the public, the National Parks Board (NParks) – in charge of all parks and green spaces in Singapore – spend a great amount of time and resources promoting public responsibility and awareness of Singapore’s natural environment.


One of the city’s most impressive natural green landmarks is the Southern Ridges, including highlights as the labyrinth-inspired ‘Forest Walk’ and the iconic wooden bridge ‘Henderson Waves’. The idea of the Southern Ridges was first mooted by the Urban Redevelopment Authority (URA) under the 2001 Parks and Waterbodies Plan and Identity Plan. The two plans presented ideas and possibilities on how to enhance the natural heritage, and turn challenges into opportunities.


From Garden City to City in a Garden
Along the program for Southern Ridges a key element of the overall vision is the roadside greenery. The Streetscape Greenery Master Plan is a blueprint for optimizing existing green spaces along the roads as well as creating pocket parks. All initiatives support the same vision of turning Singapore into a City in a Garden.


 “Our overall vision and idea behind Southern Ridges has evolved from the notion of turning Singapore as a “Garden City” into “City in a Garden”. Instead of creating a garden in the City, the strategy was enlarged to develop the city enclosed by nature. In our opinion, this represents a far more ambitious plan that strengthens Singapore and its brand as a green, livable city.”
- Mr. Tee Swee Ping, Assistant Director/NParks.


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