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Housing and

IFHP Council Election

We are happy to announce that the Council Election 2017-2020 is now closed. The shortlist of the new IFHP Council Members will be published shortly. 

The IFHP Council is the highest governing body of the Federation and backbone of our Community. At the Council all important decisions are taken and here you get a direct influence on the agenda of our 103-year-old Federation. Getting elected to the IFHP Council also gives an opportunity to connect and interchange ideas and views with people worldwide, who are equally passionate about making better cities for people! 
We need you! A professional and well-functioning Council is a pre-requisite for IFHP gaining global presence and outreach. Our Council Members are our feet and voice on the ground and you are the ones who fulfill the ambition of being a true global organization. 

The Councilors' role

The Council is responsible for the professional and strategic direction of IFHP. Council members contribute to key areas of IFHP activity during a time of rapid and important change in the organization. Council members also act as ambassadors for IFHP and bring members’ views directly to IFHP.

IFHP would like the Councilors to be a true representation of those working within the field of housing and planning so that we can ensure that we, as an organisation striving to implement the New Urban Agenda, are listening to and acting for the whole field.

As you get influence, a strong network and an option to interact we expect the following of you:
You and your fellow national council members are the local, national representatives of IFHP. There can be a total of three council members in each IFHP member country. 
We expect you to promote and market IFHP and our vision in the country where you are elected. We hope and wish that our passion for the agenda of sustainable urban development and Housing for All is also yours and that you will help us promote this agenda in your country.
Concretely, this means that we would like you to organize at least one yearly IFHP activity in your country. Engaging other companies, municipalities, organizations and individuals who share our passion! From the IFHP Office, we will give you all the assistance you need and together we will find the necessary funding!
We would also like you to contribute to the expansion of the IFHP Community by recruiting new members and stakeholders to IFHP. Our goal is that you as council member recruit at least one corporate member for IFHP each quarter from your country. And we will be very thankful for more! 
Please fill in the Submission of Candidacy Form and let us know how you wish to contribute to our agenda. 
We look forward to welcoming you to the IFHP Global Community!

Who is eligible?

  • Members, who upon nomination have been a member for a minimum of 6 months, having registered as an IFHP member no later than 15th July 2016
  • Members with permanent residence in the country in question
  • By legal persons the registered address of the legal person is decisive
  • Members under the age of 70

Nomination and Election Period

Deadline for submitting your candidacy is Sunday, 15th January 2017. 

The election period will take place between the 1st and the 8th of March. Results will be announced on the 11th of March.

It will be on the 1st of April that the new Council will take office.

Election Rules

Rules governing election of Council are outlined in the IFHP AoA: Articles of Association, Articles 7 – 11 and in the CER: Council Election Rules.


Further information is available from IFHP CEO Anette Galskjøt at a.galskjø