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IFHP Topic 2016: Transitional Living

In 2016, we will mobilize our membership and partners in three main topics addressing the complexities of urban challenges, providing new perspectives and ideas for the cities of tomorrow.
In 2016, IFHP will build on the 2015 topic of Housing and Habitation by focusing on Transitional Living. 
The increasing cross-border and cross-continental movements of people, commodities, flows, food, capital, and decision-making power that characterize globalization, together with global demographic trends, are affecting what we define as ‘home’; questioning spatial permanence, ownership, and sense of place. As people move in and out of communities, the communities themselves change. Both the physical and social environments may take on new forms. For the residents of certain neighborhoods, new opportunities for self-definition and co-creation may result.
The globalization of finance capitalism has created a new kind of global city. The concentration of financial service industries in cities like New York, London and Tokyo results in increased inequality for large groups, kept in precarious states of transit.
In continuation of the 2015 investigation on Housing and Habitation, IFHP will look at these new forms of housing in transition. We will work on how suburban areas can be rediscovered, reutilized and repurposed to overcome segregation and decay; we will investigate how the requirements for housing refugees are addressed by current policies and how their increasing presence in Europe will contribute to adequate housing provision; we will explore how the appropriate use of technology can support data collection and housing provision for all. 
In particular these topics will be: 
We do so with activities, e.g. 
and by joining forces with the relevant partners, e.g. ISOCARP, UN-Habitat, World Urban Campaign, EAROPH, ECTP-CEU, TCPA, BOBY, Byplanlaboratoriet, Cofhuat, Fraunhofer Institute and many more academic and research institutions and corporations are important partners of the IFHP community along with our members. 


IFHP Urban Labs

IFHP Urban Labs provide perspectives and ideas on urgent urban challenges. IFHP Urban Labs are a way of identifying, understanding and addressing the complexities of urban challenges. Through investigations, workshops and exhibitions our Labs work with specific practical issues within a specific local context. Sourcing the knowledge of the IFHP Community, the Labs apply collaborative, interdisciplinary and creative approaches, involving all stakeholders. In 2015 we conducted Urban Labs in Nairobi, New York, Copenhagen, Deventer, Berlin and Bangalore. We expect to conduct at least the same amount of labs in 2016 in close cooperation with our Community.  

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IFHP Agendas

IFHP's 7 agendas continue to serve as framework, re-calibrated to address the 7 “making” agendas through the perspective of housing and habitat. All of our activities are associated with one or more of our agendas, which stay relevant for the ambition of making Cities Better for People.