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Watch and listen to interviews of well-known planners and other ‘urban thinkers’, both academics and practitioners, express their thoughts on IFHP’s role and contribution on cities and human settlements issues.
Living Innovation Zones – Urban Spaces for Exploration, Innovation and Play
Posted: 13. May 2014

Shawn Lani and Neil Hrushowy ague that there is a need to re-learn what cities are about – cities are about people and about being with other people. The Living Innovation Zones in San Francisco are about connecting people. Cities around the world are facing social, environmental and physical challenges - without a shared understanding that we as people are connected to each other it is hard to solve these problems together.

Healthier Cities for Everyone
Posted: 04. March 2014

Mette Mogensen, R&D Director at COWI and Bianca Maria Hermansen, CEO at Cititek argue that creating places in the city where people in all ages can exorcise and play are part of what makes a city and its people healthy.

Anthony Townsend, Research Director at Institute for the Future.
Posted: 14. February 2014

Anthony Townsend, considers if technology can solve the challenges our cities will be facing in the next century and if technology will improve the quality of life. With his insight into the impact of new technology on cities he assesses if we are making progress in developing smart cities.

Commissioner and CIO at the City of Chicago, Brenna Berman
Posted: 05. February 2014

Commissioner and CIO at the City of Chicago, Brenna Berman comments on the major challenges facing cities today. She assesses if technology can solve urban problems and what governance approach is needed for smart city initiatives to succeed. What are the current best practices for smart city initiatives and are we making progress?

Kent Larson Barcelona SCEWC
Posted: 04. February 2014

Principal Research Scientist at the MIT Media Lab, Kent Larson, tells us about the major challenges facing cities in the next century, how technology can change the future city and explains how citizens can be engaged in smart city initiatives at the local level. Lastly he gives an appraising look at the current situation in cities worldwide.

Founder and CEO of Neighborland, Dan Parham
Posted: 24. January 2014

Neighborland is a platform to engage with people – empowering them to take action on local issues. Founder and CEO of Neighborland, Dan Parham, tells us about the mission of Neighborland, how the platform interacts with the formal planning system and lastly he gives a word of advice to other cities around social engagement.

Interview with John Rahaim
Posted: 15. January 2014

John Rahaim, Planning Director at San Francisco Planning Department City and County of San Francisco, was interviewed during the IFHP Travel Squad in San Francisco, October 2013.

Hear him speak about:

  • What can cities around the world learn from San Francisco?
  • How do you ensure long term sustainable planning – while taking into account the short term election periods?
  • What advice would you give to other cities? 
Paul Chasan and Krista Canellakis
Posted: 20. December 2013

Paul Chasan, Urban Planner and Krista Canellakis, Mayor's Innovation Fellow.

  • What is Living Innovation Zones?
  • What is 'lean government' and how can it successfully serve as 'a platform for innovation'?
  • What are the essentials in making cities more innovative?

Also read blog on Living Innovation Zones from San Francisco. 



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