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IFHP's actions after Quito

Expected outcome & Implementing the New Urban Agenda   

The New Urban Agenda is the outcome document agreed upon at the Habitat III conference in October 2016 (find the Adopted Draft of the New Urban Agenda here). It will be a guideline for the range of actors involved in urbanization; nation states, city and regional leaders, international development funders, United Nations programmes and civil society — for the next 20 years. It may become the ground for policy making and hopefully it will be the agenda to unite urban professionals in a joint effort to develop “Better Cities for People”. 
IFHP will take a starting point in The New Urban Agenda by making it the overall frame for the work of the Federation in the years to come. The IFHP community can play a significant role in converting the agenda from writing on paper to reality. The IFHP community consists of urban professionals dealing with relevant issues on a daily basis; from a practical, academic, professional, public or private perspective. Pooling these experiences, sharing them and discussing them is how IFHP will impact the implementation of The New Urban Agenda.
Trends and topics relevant to the IFHP community will be investigated during the IFHP activities to accelerate learning and develop relevant solutions. 
Engagement of the IFHP community is crucial for the success of this ambition. Only with an engaged community can the IFHP ensure the right conversation among the relevant participants. The IFHP community is therefore encouraged to engage in the decision-making, to point out relevant topics and to enlarge the community with the relevant actors. 

IFHP Summit on New Urban Agenda's 

In November 2016 IFHP, together with our corporate member and European areal developer BPD, hosted our annual IFHP Summit in Rotterdam. The title of the summit was: Urban agendas – the implementation challenge. This is the first gathering for the IFHP and BPD community after Habitat III and it focussed on 'Housing For All' by discussing what it takes to go from global to local agendas by improving urban knowledge and stimulating the sharing of best practises and cooperation amongst urban professionals. 
The summit was on November 10 and 11, 2016 and made up a full day programme with keynotes, panel debates and workshops and a second day with excursions and talks in, and about, Rotterdam city. Check out the programme and register
Find the outcome of the IFHP Summit 2016 here

Housing for all & implementation agent 

With our international community we lead global discussions and co-design practical solutions and approaches to major challenges for cities experiencing rapid and dramatic changes. Specifically related to Housing for All
The way we do this, is to take upon us the role as implementation agent of The New Urban Agenda. Urban-Labs, meetings, summer school courses and the World Housing Conference in Singapore are among our activities planned to take place in 2017. These events are co-created with our community of members, partners and national chapters. Keep an eye on our online calendar
Please do not hesitate to contact us with proposals, ideas, invitations and contributions. 
For more information, please contact Special Advisor Regitze Hess ( from the IFHP Team.