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International housing network Group

Networking actions around Europe and beyond to find new approaches and test innovative actions to master today’s housing challenges.

In a context where the global political commitment to sustainable urban development needs to be reinvigorated and where urbanisation and economic disparities are increasing, the housing challenge takes on unprecedented dimensions questioning housing policies around the globe. Primary reasoning for this includes the increasing disparity between general income, housing costs and living costs. Cities are struggling to build the quantity (and quality) of new housing units needed to support increasing urban populations. This in turn escalates the affordable housing crisis as new housing unit supply falls short of demand. The middle income citizens that before could afford to join the housing market autonomously now see themselves being priced out and so turn to social housing units and/or housing subsidies. Such dynamics are exacerbating the affordable housing crisis with particular prevalence in Europe, although variations on the theme are present around the world.


In a spirit of commitment and action for change, and with a specific focus on the European countries, a group of housing experts and professionals has recently inaugurated the International housing network that partnering once a year with IFHP will contribute to the revivification of the IFHP housing working group. The International housing network is an international platform to share, learn and change perspective on your own local housing issues.


The network includes International leaders representing the social housing sector, trust foundations, the professional world, private and public sector and academia.


Why an international Housing Network?

By being a virtual platform for discussion and progressive learning, the international housing network wants to become a recognized place of production, co-creation and action. It promotes networking actions to produce innovation on the housing issues, open up to other experiences and think and readapt your own professional approach to find new methods and solutions to today’s and future housing issues.  


Objectives and long terms commitment    

  • Develop a practitioner network that can comment on proposals for academic work, test academic conclusions
    in the crucible of experience
  • To provide an opportunity for dialogue about emerging policy and developing practice in relation to housing
    in particular in Europe
  • To develop knowledge about housing and consider the implication for practice; to create a space for
    sharing information and experiences among housing professionals; to monitor pilot projects and practical
  • To become a bridge between the European context and relevant examples in emerging countries in a
    process of mutual learning which is core business for IFHP
  • Communicate and disseminate experiences’ results and outcomes from the networking activities


Role of the International Housing Network as an IFHP Working Group   

By being a multidisciplinary platform of motivated and skilled international professionals, the international
housing network partners with IFHP in one year event by providing competences, experience and insights in facing today’s housing challenges via an in situ approach collaborating with local partners, policy makers and institutions and mobilizing local and international expertise.


List of projects

Activities in 2015    


Activities in 2016

  • Mar 2016 - Sweden - political and governance aspects facilitating the exchange of views between the political sector and the international housing professionals
  • 2016 - Networking events in Manchester, UK; Turin, IT.


Referent for the International Housing Network

Stewart Shaw


Stewart is a Fellow of the Chartered Institute of Housing (CIH) and a member of the Chartered Institute of Environmental Health (CIEH).  Member of IFHP for some 25 years, and Chair of the Housing working Group since 2012, he joined the IFHP Managing Council in 2014.


Members of the group

List of participants


More information on the International Housing Networking Group

If you are interested in joining the international housing network and commit yourself in make a change for a better housing future, please contact Viviana Rubbo, IFHP project manager and IFHP referent for the international housing network: