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Call for urban solutions from our community for the City We Need 2.0

As an official partner of the WUC, IFHP has been called upon to contribute with examples of ‘urban solutions’ for the City We Need 2.0.

The City We Need is an evolving document that the World Urban Campaign (an initiative of UN-Habitat) has been preparing several years ahead of UN Habitat III. With the calendar turned to 2016, momentum is now picking up toward Habitat III, this year’s United Nations conference that will result in a 20-year urbanization strategy called the New Urban Agenda. Ahead of that unique conference, a major stakeholder initiative is soliciting ideas for inclusion in a key set of recommendations for that strategy. Specifically, the World Urban Campaign is looking for “urban solutions”, or initiatives, practices, policies, legislation and models that address urban challenges to achieving what the campaign calls The City We Need.

We would like to shout out to our IFHP community to gather as many ‘urban solutions’ as possible so that we can make sure your ideas will be part of this important document.

That is why we would like to ask you to please send us YOUR favorite urban solution? Let us know what you think:

  • The deadline is January 31st!
  • We at the IFHP HQ will compile and submit a proposal to WUC on behalf of IFHP Community.

Please have a look at this template, to see how you could structure your proposal. Don’t feel obliged to follow the template precisely: you can also just send us an email with your ideas formulated in 1 sentence.  


If you are not sure what an ‘urban solution’ entails: Urban Solutions are initiatives, practices, policies, legislations and models that address urban challenges and constitute effective responses.

The City We Need 1.0 document contained the following urban solutions: a city that is socially inclusive, well planned, walkable, transit friendly, a regenerative city that is economically vibrant and inclusive, a city that has a singular identity and a sense of place, a city that is safe and healthy, affordable and equitable, managed at the metropolitan level.


Read more about IFHP's associate partnership in the World Urban Campaign.