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Free seats for 'WTPD 2015 Online Conference' on Housing

World Town Planning Day Online Conference on 'Housing Regeneration: Strengthening Communities'.

Free seats available

For IFHP's joint event World Town Planning Day Online Conference (4-6 November 2015) we have free seats available for IFHP members!

If you would like to make use of this unique opportunity, we request you to please send your contact details (name and email) to as soon as possible, but November 2nd latest.

Be aware: First come, first served!

IFHP Keynote Speakers 

Two of IFHP’s Council members are keynote speakers for the World Town Planning Day: 
  • Ali Grehan, Dublin City Architect, will deliver his keynote speech on November 4 at 13:30 UCT. She will talk about ‘The Hidden Rooms Initiative; a collaborative and catalytic approach to urban regeneration’.
  • Banashree Banerjee, Independent Urban Management Consultant (India), will deliver her keynote speech on November 4 at 07:00 UCT. 

The conference 

This year’s topic of the conference is Housing Regeneration: Strengthening Communities. The regeneration of existing housing stock is a key issue across the world, and we feel the issue is incredibly apt, given the UN-Habitat - Habitat III discussions to take place in October 2016. 
The Online Conference’ focus will be to showcase and celebrate plans and policies around the world that have to do with related topics such as: the rehabilitation of the existent housing stocks challenge, land and urban policies, socio-economic inequality, models of financing and the privatization of the public domain. 
This event is an opportunity for town professionals and planners from around the world to come together 'online' to hear from experts discuss and debate the various aspects related to planning for housing regeneration. 

Online Conferencing 

All sessions are virtual (via the internet) and no travel is required to attend.  Each day includes a plenary session and several panel presentations. Your minimum requirements are a safe and secure internet connection, a computer, and headphones with integrated microphone.  All sessions are moderated by a Chair, and there will also be technical support available on the day should something go wrong (just like a face-to-face conference).   

More Information: 

Find the program here!
For more information about the event, check out our event page
Regitze Hess, IFHP Project Manager

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