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Greeting from IFHP CEO

2016 is already one month old, and I hope you have had a nice beginning of the new year.
In 2016 IFHP will conduct a programme of activities upon the topic of transitional living. This topic will be explored through 3 tracks of investigation: 
Across the world living conditions are in transition. With approximately 1 billion migrants worldwide there is a global shift to greater urbanization. Migrants bring ideas, innovation and diversity to urban areas as well as connect communities across borders to create new kinds of global cities.

With so many people on the move for what ever reason, the economic and social change alter domestic and professional time. This is not a seamless and quiet transition; it has evident impact and the adaptation process causes difficulties.

We will investigate some of the trends and their effects on our society. We will try to understand what it takes to turn a house into a home, for the inhabitants to settle in, have a sense of belonging and an identity. After all: although cities and housing exist, the market is under pressure and the social cohesive city will not appear by it self. We need to encourage development wisely. 

A fourth relevant track is our governmental work within UN Habitat. IFHP is well represented with two policy experts (our president Flemming Borreskov and board member Arun Jain) who work on influencing the outcome to ”The City we Need”.  We plan to be at Habitat III in Quito in October. 
Activities are co-created and based on the needs of the host. Urban labs are being developed as we speak, and consist of IFHP, its partners, local stakeholders and international practitioners. We will use an urban development site as a case study on which to base accellerated learning, expertise, knowledge and the formulation of realistic solutions. 
If it matters to you, it matters to us. The IFHP Community is the core of our business and we depend on it thriving and developing. Please let us know what matters to you, and how we make sure the relevant people join the relevant conversation. 
CEO Anette Galskjøt on behalf of the IFHP team