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IFHP is guilty of having guest blogs!

Occasionally we will, as a new blog feature, widen our blog circle by inviting people to contribute guest blogs to profile noteworthy work, ideas and knowledge about urban development and housing.

Here at IFHP, we believe that blogging isn’t just about publishing. It’s about sharing and bringing you to places you wouldn't normally come to by yourself. When we share knowledge with one another, we strengthen our perspectives and the blogosphere. So in a way we see guest blogging as a way of exposing you to even more expert knowledge and issues of importance to IFHP than we are able to deliver in-house. We’re a clever bunch, but we don’t know it all. So it’s a win-win situation really – you get broader and more interesting content than we could otherwise deliver, and our writers get exposure to our engaged community of smart readers.


Check out our attempt at this new blog feature


Guest blog: Why I ended up living in Beijing’s hutongs


This guest blog comes from Tom Wolters, an IFHP council representative from China, who has written a really interesting blog on Beijing’s hutongs - old traditional alleyways and courtyard homes which once covered all Beijing. A distinctive feature and must-see attraction in Beijing. Widen your horizon by start reading…


>> Why I ended up living in Beijing’s hutongs