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IFHP Housing Academy - Rethinking your city's housing for vulnerable groups

IFHP seeks cities as partner for The Housing Academy to host an implementation lab in 2016-17 as well as actively engage in labs in other cities.

About IFHP Housing Academy

The IFHP Housing Academy aims to gather the relevant urban professionals throughout 2016 -17 to rethink the accessibility of the housing market for vulnerable groups in the hosting European cities. The IFHP Housing Academy has a network with more than 50 professionals engaged in working daily on this topic. It is about turning a house into a home and a combination of housing, integration, connectivity and social coherence. 
The aim of the programme is to develop a plan and find solutions to a selected concrete case in the host city. Local and international experts and professionals join forces and can skip corners due to the interactive process in which we will meet, work, share and learn. The combination of working together and learning is the core of the activity; The Academy. 
The partner cities both host an implementation lab and travel to visit the other partner cities to participate in their labs. All labs are also joined by a group of international, relevant, selected experts and professionals. They will bring with them a critical understanding of the policies and practices around Europe which will be matched with the local expertise and knowledge. 
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Interested in more information about the IFHP Housing Academy and a detailed budget? Please contact:

>>Huibert Haccou, IFHP Council member and chair of the IFHP Housing Refugee Programme:, +31 653544764
>>Christina Krog, IFHP senior project manager,, +45 22909105