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IFHP in Mannheim to start shaping 'The City We Need'

IFHP currently is in Mannheim as partner of the World Urban Campaign, to help shape the document 'The City We Need'.


The IFHP has begun its participation in shaping the document called ‘The City We Want, The City We Need’, at the Urban Thinkers Campus Mannheim. Hosted by the World Urban Campaign the IFHP is putting forward ideas and perspectives on the opportunities for urban citizens in a nomadic world.


The resultant document will represent the combined voice of all non-governmental actors to influence the UN Habitat III urban manifesto - a document that shapes the vision of global future cities.


Questions being addressed are:

- How can future cities facilitate and harness the potential of urban citizens that are increasingly 'nomadic' both in a physical and digital sense?
- How does governance respond to the changing contemporary demands of 'nomadic citizens'?
- What does this mean for our identities and our sense of belonging to a place?

Leading the way here are Charles Landry (known from 'The Creative City') and Benjamin Barber (known from 'If Mayors Ruled the World')