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IFHP presents: The Housing Working Group

Tall housing building

A re-activated group of Housing enthusiasts presents its programme to the outside world, allowing you to join in!


The Housing Working group has been reactivated through a first meeting in London. In the meeting the aim and a preliminary program were discussed and stated. In line with IFHP’s mission statement, the main aim of the working group is to become a knowledge catalyst for IFHP members either working in, or with a special interest in housing themes. Some of the objectives connected with this aim are: provide opportunity for dialogue about emerging policies and practices, to monitor pilot projects.

The working group is already able to present a programme filled with interesting events, and of course is open to support other initiatives. The programme includes a lecture series, participation in the IFHP world congresses, a webinar in collaboration with UN-habitat and IHS as well as the 1st Hague Housing Conference in February 2013.

For a complete overview please have a look at the working group page.


Picture by: seier+seier on flickr