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IFHP on the road

Both the IFHP President and the Deputy President were on the road, presenting IFHP to new communities.
IFHP at Smart City InFocus 2015: Yinchuan, China 

IFHP President Flemming Borreskov was invited to the Smart City InFocus 2015: Yinchuan, China Conference gathering leading experts, government officials and executives from around the world to accelerate the adoption of smart city standards and best practices

The smart city industry is growing rapidly and has far-reaching impacts on society, from deliveries of services to improve citizens’ lives, to making governments more responsive and efficient, to creating a platform for business growth and innovation.
Amongst the key themes of the conference were the use of data and the focus on co-creation emphasizing the importance of governments, citizens and businesses working together to create a successful smart city. Conclusions stated that no definition of what constitutes a smart city is given: clearly a smart city it’s unique to each place, depending on the needs of the citizens and the city’s priorities.
A site visit to Yinchuan Citizens Hall, a one-stop-shopping concept showcased how the use of smart city technologies and concepts simplifies the accessibility to the city and thus improves the quality of lives of the citizens of Yinchuan. 
Flemming Borreskov states: 
'Technology has been a driving force in the evolution of cities and still is. ICT provides options and possibilities for solving the emerging urbanization problems worldwide, - co-creating with the relevant stakeholders’.
IFHP reconnected with Icelandic planning and architecture nationals

The Deputy president Diana Fitzsimons hosted an IFHP lunch for key Icelandic planners and architects. During the lunch different topics were discussed regarding planning issues in Iceland. One of the points discussed was the fact that planning in Iceland is rapidly changing and therefore new international connections are needed. IFHP is addressing some of these topics and will work to enforce the contact to the relevant and interested Icelanders.