Posted: 26. September 2014

We strive to hire the best and brightest to fulfill the position as Student Assistant at the International Federation for Housing and Planning (IFHP).

Posted: 26. September 2014

The report from a successful Round Table in Bangalore, in February 2014 is now available. This was the first IFHP Expert Round Table on Sustainable Urban Mobility in India.

Posted: 26. September 2014

Friends, another month has passed us by, so we’ve arrived at the time where we announce the next winning shot. September’s official Instagram photo of the month winner is – you guessed it – the cover picture!

Posted: 24. September 2014

Today, Scandinavian think tank Sustainia announces a top 10 of leading sustainability innovations for 2014.

Posted: 19. September 2014

It’s still possible to buy tickets for Wednesday and Friday.

Posted: 18. September 2014

“IFHP Presents…” is a series of speakers’ contributions to the Hague Housing Conference 2014 and it lays the ground for next year theme.

Posted: 15. September 2014

At the IFHP Conference Bridging Economies – Spanning Sectors: Financing Green Urban Development experts share what can and can't be done, and why. Check out the list of speakers and experts and join us!

Posted: 10. September 2014

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