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IFHP Summit 2015 outcome

IFHP Summit 2015 gathered the IFHP community in a discussion on the urgent topic of Housing Refugees and shared learnings from this year's 'Co-Act for Habitat' programme.

The IFHP Summit 2015 gathered the IFHP community at the BBU HQ in Berlin, kindly hosted by IFHP Council Member Prof. Dr. Klaus-Peter Hillebrand and sponsored by BPD. Attendees were exposed to a variety of topics such as: housing refugees, the appropriate role of technology, and the experiences from this years learnings from local activities unfolded in the IFHP Co Act for Habitat 2015 programme.

In the morning programme the adequate housing of migrants on a permanent basis was discussed; being a challenge in every city across the world. The morning session focused on the current situation in Berlin and concluded with a more broad EU/European discussion.

The afternoon sessions showcased the outputs and learnings from this year's IFHP activities with the aim of debating and reflecting on, together with the participants, the results and the next steps to be taken. The sessions concluded that 'there is a need for homes and a consequent urgency to give short term solutions and effective answers in relation to the production of housing'. However, the uncertainty of the future with migration flows, demographic changes and economic crises advocate for great awareness of the long term impact of planning and policies in order to shape inclusive communities. 
We would like to thank all the participants, sponsors and speakers for their contribution. It has been a great conference mainly due to your highly qualitative input and willingness to share your knowledge, to connect and learn from each other. We are proud to have you in our network and are looking forward to future collaborations. 

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Enjoy the photos of IFHP's Summit 2015: