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IFHP Summit 2016 Outcome

IFHP Summit 2016 gathered the IFHP and BPD communities in a discussion about the implementation challenge of the New Urban Agenda, recently adopted in Quito, and its coexistence with the European Urban Agenda, known as the 'Pact of Amsterdam'.

This year’s IFHP Summit was a 2-day event in Rotterdam, promoted in partnership with BPD, contributors and partners. Participants at the IFHP Summit met to challenge and share perspectives and to learn mutually, during presentations and concrete examples presented in an effort to pave the way forward to implement the New Urban Agenda (NUA).

In the midst of this urban age, where a new urban agenda is imperative to achieving a sustainable future, the Summit focused not only on the importance of the NUA as a global guideline for the sustainable growth of cities worldwide, but also on the need of local strategies and programs to effectively implement this agenda and promote sustainable cities through the creation of partnerships amongst stakeholders and civil society.


During the presentations and the workshops, the framework in which the New Urban Agenda and the European urban Agenda (known as the Pact of Amsterdam) coexist was discussed, as well as how this urban agenda for the EU contributes to the design of new regulations and to the revision of already existing EU regulations.


As Mayor Aboutaleb, from the city of Rotterdam, emphasised in his opening-speech, cities are in constant development and transition and we need to be flexible and adaptive to the new reality. However, a city and 'quality of life' are not about streets and stones but about the people that live there. Education is the biggest leverage for societies to overcome poverty, homelessness, and unemployment. The general device of the day was to invest in places to provide people with clean, safe, healthy living environments; creating mixed neighbourhoods to avoid extremes; to upgrade neighbourhoods; but most of all to invest in people through education so they can implement these changes.

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Take a closer read of the outcome of the IFHP Summit in our Summit 2016 Outcome - a Summary (1½ page of text) which also elaborates on the exciting walking tour and talks on the city of Rotterdam during the second day of the summit. We had the chance to explore selected urban areas of Rotterdam with development of mixed-use areas with housing stock in conjunction with business development. 


Available speakers presentations

Workshop 1: Making housing for all – affordable and inclusive

Workshop 2: Making more space for housing - spatial limitation
Workshop 3: Making within the existing stock

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