Posted: 18. November 2014

Nordic Open Forum (NUF) is the name of a new open knowledge and debate platform for those who work professionally with strategic urban development and city management in the Nordic Region.

Posted: 12. November 2014
Housing Challenges

The global housing challenge will be central in IFHP’s 2015 agenda. With activities taking place in different regions of the world, we will look at the topic from various perspectives in relation to emerging local issues raised by our members.

Posted: 12. November 2014
IFHP Member involvement

IFHP is a member based organization. Getting involved is a great way to get more from your IFHP membership experience and to give back to the profession.

Posted: 12. November 2014
The vast range of activities have taught IFHP new things.

We are on the doorstep to December - the end of the year and time for wrapping up some of the latest activities before ringing in the new year!

Posted: 12. November 2014
New Delhi, India IFHP Round Table on Urban Water

What relatively small changes to governance, regulation, finance and management would allow innovators providing urban water services and products to greatly expand their reach to those needing them?

Posted: 11. November 2014
IFHP China

Contribution of our China Council Representatives Alex Lam and Tom Wolters.

Posted: 31. October 2014

Pedal-powered Recycling in Nigeria.

Posted: 31. October 2014

AGAIN! Another month has passed us by. It's time to announce October's winning shot - the cover picture!



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