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New open platform showcases Nordic urban development

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Nordic Urban Forum (NUF) is the name of a new open knowledge and debate platform for those who work professionally with strategic urban development and city management in the Nordic Region.

Behind the platform are The Danish Architecture Centre (DAC), Nordic City Network (NCN) and the International Federation for Housing and Planning (IFHP).


After successfully launching Nordic Urban Forum at the 'Sharing Cities – Bridging Regions' conference in Copenhagen and Malmö in October 2014, the platform now invites professionals and decision-makers working with urban planning in and outside of the Nordic Region to be a part of the network.


The Nordic Model at city level

Internationally, The Nordic Model is seen as being particularly robust when it comes to securing economic growth whilst taking both social and environmental issues into consideration. These days, global interest in The Nordic Model is happening at city level as well. Nordic Urban Forum wants to help further this interest by establishing a platform focusing on how Nordic cities are built and managed, how they cooperate, and how they adjust and adapt in order to handle big changes and social challenges. Through an exchange of knowledge as well as activities which give rise to debate and the forming of new relationships, Nordic Urban Forum wishes to become a global platform for dialogue, knowledge sharing and collaborations between cities – an inspiration to cities in and outside of the Nordic Region.


The green transition – possibilities and implications

Among the ongoing discussions and challenges that Nordic Urban Forum wishes to address is the question of how Nordic cities can make a green transition and what the implications and possibilities of it are in a Nordic context. Peter Head, Executive Chairman, The Ecological Sequestration Trust, and Katherine Richardson, Professor in Biological Oceanography, University of Copenhagen, who both took part in the 'Sharing Cities – Bridging Regions' conference, have shared their ideas about what it will take to kickstart the green transition, and what kinds of challenges and possibilities it could bring about. Peter Head is keen to point out that the Nordic Region as well as the rest of the world would be wise to realize the economic advantages of a green transition.


In Copenhagen and the Nordic countries, we see some of the best examples of moving development forward in a more resilient and sustainable way. The problem is that the rest of the world is not implementing these things because they don't see the economic benefit of it. I think that even in Copenhagen, you haven't studied the overall economic benefits. You're doing it, because you think it's the right thing to do.”


- Peter Head, Executive Chairman, The Ecological Sequestration Trust





Collaboration can create competitiveness

The regional city and the ways in which Nordic cities, regions and countries handle the challenge and the possibility of establishing new collaborations, competitiveness and urban networks are also among the subjects that Nordic Urban Forum seeks to highlight.


In this video, Claus Billehøj, Director for Regional Development, the Capital Region of Denmark, and Mikael Stamming, Director for Regional Development, Skåne Regional Council, who both attended the conference, share the lessons they have learned, working across country borders as well as political and economic barriers. They are working together to build 'The Nordic Metropolis' as a competitive and attractive region that focuses on the individual, quality of life, sustainable city planning and economic growth. What are the biggest challenges and the most important advantages to such a collaboration?


Get the answer – and more interesting comments and reflections:





Listen to Kent Martinussen, CEO at DAC, Christer Larsson, Chairman of NCN, and Flemming Borreskov, President of IFHP, explain why The Nordic Model attracts so much attention, and what kind of role Nordic Urban Forum (NUF) wishes to play:





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